Geode nightclub

When people think of nightclubs on Omega, the only name that comes to mind is Afterlife, the throne room of Omega’s tyrannical queen, Aria. The truth is there are more clubs to serve the average person on Omega, and one of them is Geode. Built on one of the mining levels, Geode is known for three things: cheap booze, exotic dancers, and nightly brawls.

Aria keeps the best for herself, so the liquor in Geode is nothing to speak of, although it gets you drunk just as fast. The food however, is a different story. The kitchen is run by Krolok, a batarian that specializes in – of all things – human cuisine. The meals are surprisingly good, and available in dextro approximations as well. Turians and quarians flock to the Geode for the dextro-Royale cheeseburger. Krolok’s line cooks include 3 batarians, 2 quarians, and one krogan.

There are no asari dancers here for the same reason the liquor is so cheap. Aria doesn’t allow asari to dance anywhere but Afterlife. So the dancers in Geode are truly exotic. Humans, batarians, and drell all make appearances on the Geode stage. A pair of hanar “sisters” also regularly dance here. It is said to be one of the most strangely erotic shows on Omega. But when people come to Geode to see a specific dancer, they come for Mika.

Mika is a quarian exile who dances nightly in Geode. She strips with a specially designed suit that takes tactical cloaking to a whole new level. Her finale is a dramatic removing of her helmet with her back to the audience. No one ever sees her face. Most quarians believe the helmet removal to be an elaborate – and distasteful – fake. Mika also has controlling interest in the club. She’s a shrewd businesswoman who wields her mystery like a rapier.


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