Francis Xavier Cross

Former Alliance Special Forces


Born September 5th. 2160. Vancouver, Earth.
Orphaned early Frank was raised by cousins and later dropped out of school, joining a youth labor facility. Several years of petty crime was followed by Frank enlisting in the Alliance navy late 2175 trained as a corpsman and assigned to support the Alliance Marines.

In 2180 Frank Cross is accepted in to the coveted ICT school in Rio De Janeiro, achieving an N1 rating. Frank returned and completed N1-N5 training and was assigned to Alpha Squad when irregularities in his background checks for security clearance came to light. Due to being ineligible for high-level security clearance Frank Cross was removed from duty and offered a chance to return to regular military duties as a corpsman or as a marine. Frank declined, his dream of attaining N7 operational status scuttled, and took an early discharge in April 2182.

Frank retains some friends within the Special ops community who believe he got a raw deal. Others saw his failure to fully disclose his past as borderline criminal.

In his return to civilian life, Frank signed up briefly with the Blue Suns Mercenary gang, but their methods weren’t to his liking. In 2183 Frank started working as a freelance soldier, his goal to build his own elite mercenary group that is worthy of respect and honor.

Francis Xavier Cross

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