Daria Zivas

Reformed Criminal


>Datafax Transmit, ID Code Cypher: Veridian, Key: R273276-HY<

File Summary:
Born on Kahje May 19, 2158.
Traveled extensively from 2165-2169.
Arrived on Omega January 2169.
Started working for Aria T’loak as an assassin for hire June 2169.
Met “Zoopy” Zoopilon (Hanar Fixer)on Omega December 2169.
Tired of the criminal life and wanton violence stops working for Aria 2173. Goes underground to find a way to help the citizens of Omega.
Meets a former Alliance Soldier, Frank Cross. Teams up for action, looking for other similar-minded mercenaries.

Notes: Unlike most Drell, Daria is agnostic, bordering on athiest.

//end of file//

Daria Zivas

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