Morality paragon

Paragon actions are heroic, compassionate, and more typically honorable. A paragon spares innocent lives, respects the law, and will risk the mission to do what’s “right”. Paragons are more charming and much more likely to earn the trust of others.

Doing what is right can be inconvenient at times. Proper procedures can take valuable time. Evacuating survivors before bombing a compromised colony puts the mission in jeopardy. Being a good guy isn’t always a cakewalk.


Morality renegade

Renegades are ruthless, roguish, and brutally efficient. A renegade is more of an anti-hero that will get the job done without regard for safety or the law. Renegades are more intimidating and much more likely to have others submit or move out of the way.

Being ruthless does not always get you what you want. Potential allies may turn hostile if you ignored an opportunity to help them or their people. Clues may not be found if you throw the Eclipse Merc off of Dantus Towers.

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