Milestones represent crucial decision points in a character’s life, or during a specific Mission. At the beginning of a Mission, a character may select one or two Milestones to pursue.

Reaching a Milestones earns the character 1, 3, or 10 experience.

1xp Milestones can be triggered as many times in a scene as events dictate.

If a quarian engineer has the Milestone “Quarian Saboteur”, the 1xp milestone might be “…when you hack a synthetic using the Hacking power.”

3xp Milestones can be triggered no more than once per scene.

“3xp when you use technical sabotage to avoid a violent confrontation”

10xp Milestones can be triggered once per Act. Once triggered, the Milestone is closed, and you may choose a new one. You can choose the same Milestone again if it continues to be applicable.

“10xp when you either destroy a hostile AI/dangerous technology or preserve such a thing at the risk of Exile from the Fleet.”

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