The Chollarm

PC Spaceship



Classification: Frigate


  • Length: 72m
  • Width: 80m
  • Height: 24m


  • A pair of Orkach Class mass accelerator cannons run the length of Chollarm. Individually, the cannons pack quite a punch. Fired simultaneously, they are devastating. Unfortunately, the recoil from dual-firing can severely damage the Chollarm’s hull and rattle the crew. The arc of fire is limited to the facing of the ship.
  • A total of 8 (4 dorsal, 4 ventral) GARDIAN class laser turrets provide VI assisted defense against fighters and torpedoes.
  • A pair of dorsally-mounted disruptor torpedo launchers are the mainstays of the Chollarm’s armament.

  • Defense:

  • Kinetic barriers
  • Ablative armor
  • Assign d10 x2, d8 x2, d6


    The Chollarm is a decommissioned batarian state frigate that has been primarily used for smuggling by batarian slavers. It is bilaterally designed with four decks, with only decks one and three having access to both sides. Deck One is the command deck, but also has two large cabins for the captain and first officer. Deck two is the crew deck. The infirmary (port), galley (starboard), and barracks for up to 30 are located here. Deck three is the engineering deck. The drive and VI cores are here. This deck is the only one with access to the mass accelerator cannons. Deck Four is primarily for cargo (port), and the vehicle bay (starboard), but can be converted to living quarters for up to 20.

    The Chollarm

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